Driveway Dangles

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What you'll get:

  • 11 Printable Stickhandling Lesson Plans featuring a total of 55 Stickhandling Drills. All drills have video examples.
  • 20 Agility Ladder Drills with Video Examples.
  • 20 Hurdle Drills with Video Examples.
  • 61 Body Weight Exercises with Video Examples.
  • 3,000 Shot Challenge with shooting mechanics tutorial.

What People Are Saying:

I cannot thank Rich enough. Rich took me under his wing and developed skills I wasn't good at during my time in the ECHL and AHL. Rich used his free time to work with me to develop as a player. I appreciate all Rich has done for me and he really helped me make my way to the NHL. Tom Kuhnhackl 2017 & 2018 Stanley Cup Champion

Tom Kuhnhackl

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*24 HOUR* Hockey Monkey Exclusive 

$19.99 Ultimate Shooting Package Deal

Top Shot - Shooting Program

  • 50 Shooting Drills - Only pucks & a net required.
  • Instructional videos featuring 50 shooting drills with Rich Mihelic
  • Detailed instruction plans via pdf and video examples of all drills.

Shoot Like a Pro - Shooting Program 

  • Expert advice on shooting mechanics. 
  • 35 professional stick handling and shooting drills.
  • 7 detailed instruction plans via PDF and video examples of all drills. Original six themed. 
  • 50 structured shots (wrist shots, snap shots, etc. Designed for you to develop in this training. 
  • Train at Home - Create your own training tools tutorial.

This course is limited to the use of one individual. Sharing of material is prohibited. 

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