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Rich Mihelic has completed extensive game research of the top Junior, College and NHL players. During our study we have found common patterns resulting in the success of the player. Although every player is different, our methods will help your player be creative and explore new proven techniques.

Our studies include but are not limited to individual / team concepts including the following below. All instruction is backed by proven video footage  which is reviewed during the Hockey IQ session.

  • Individual skating techniques to be more efficient during shifts. When and how to use explosive movements. Effective posture / positions for directional changes during a high tempo game. 
  • Effective Shooting Components used by the top scorers in the NHL. Review of what the stars are doing that is resulting in more goals. In depth review of body structure . Slow motion video where MCH players see moving components in shooting techniques. Coverage of wrist, snap, slap shots and one timers.
  • Review common patterns on where / how goals are scored on the ice.
  • Angling on attacking the net while playing against a strong defensive core. Exploring options and reviewing footage of plays that resulted in goals vs plays that resulted in turnovers.
  • Corner battles. Positioning and strategy to be the player that is aggressive and coming out with the puck!
  • In depth review of strategy on positioning in front of the net to capitalize on rebounds. 
  • Defensive Zone Coverage, Defense Controlled Gap Review and strategy on D to D plays, breakout structure and how to make a great first pass.
  • Face Off Options in Defensive, Neutral and Offensive Zone / Positioning in Face Off Structure for Center to win the draw.