“I have two kids age 12 and 10 and they absolutely love Driveway Dangles. It actually helped my 12 year old get on the Devils team that will be representing New Jersey at the Quebec International Peewee tournament. It is easy to use and easy to understand. They don’t always need dad to get out there and coach them. They are getting better all on their own. I can say without a doubt that Rich is extremely qualified and I will actually be using some of his stuff with my big boys with the Devils.” - NHL New Jersey Devils, Interim Head Coach, Alain Nasreddine

  • Minimal equipment required!
  • 55 Professional Stickhandling Drills.
  • 101 Strength & Conditioning Exercises.
  • Written by stickhandling & shooting specialist Rich Mihelic.
  • Video examples and structured PDF lesson plans.
  • Easy to follow! Accessible via mobile app.


Driveway Dangles is used by players youth to professional.


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Whether you are in your first few years of competitive hockey or a Major Junior athlete, you will be challenged and this program will make you better. 


Access on your phone! All drills can be completed in a driveway, basement, garage etc. Trainings can be completed in any weather condition, any time of day, year round. 


Minimal equipment required. Players will need 12 pucks total and a stickhandling ball or puck. This is an excellent program to do before a game, practice, try out and during off season. Players can easily train and follow this program on their own without supervision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once purchased, this program is good for life!

Access the application store. Download the application 'Kajabi'. It is a blue button. Simply download the application and sign in with your Hockey Coach username and password.

Once purchased HockeyCoach.com will send you an email to access the program. This program can be accessed by mobile application Kajabi & by visiting www.HockeyCoach.com. Click on the right user name icon at the top right of the web page and upload your credentials.

Driveway Dangles is located under the Driveway Dangles 1-11 tab. Strength & Agility Drills are under the 101 Strength Program tab.

I strongly recommend following the program as written below. Once the program is reviewed, I would repeat all lesson plans and master the drills.

As a trainer and player myself, I watch the videos inside my house, and then I take the PDF lesson plans outside to complete the drills. I love doing the drills on a rough surface, as it builds my arm strength that much more! It may not look as pretty, but it's developing very strong hands. When I get to a smooth surface, I am able to fly through the drills smoothly. I feel the more difficult training (concrete) has really helped me develop stronger stickhandling skills. After each drill is completed, I take a small break in between drills. Around 30 seconds or so.

The 101 Strength Program provides you with drills to create your own workout by selecting the workout names off the list. If I am unsure of the skill, I look up the name and watch the video on the page. I then complete the workout outside, basement etc. I will adjust repetitions as I get stronger for example:

1. Agility Ladder / Hurdle Drill
2. Agility Ladder / Hurdle Drill
3. Agility Ladder / Hurdle Drill
4. Agility Ladder / Hurdle Drill
5. Strength Drill, example: Push ups X 10 X 5 sets
6. Strength Drill, example Squats X 20 x 3 sets
7. Strength Drill, example Plank X 30 seconds X 4 sets
8. Strength Drill, example Lunges X 5 each leg X 4 sets

As written, I adjust the amount of repetitions and sets I do based on the player's strength level. I work on each exercise and focus on mastering them. I highly recommend, if it is your first time using the program, to watch the video, then download the pdf. Create your workouts and mark off once you've completed each drill, until they are all completed over a length of time.


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