✅ Driveway Dangles - this program is for THE DOERS, THE GO-GETTERS and the players STARVING for results!
✅ Our program is written by Coach Rich Mihelic, one of the top skills trainers in the United States. Backed by NHL referrals and has trained over 18 NHL players and 8 players that went on to win the Stanley Cup.
✅ NO BRAINER - You are getting 55 professional stickhandling drills, 101 strength / conditioning exercises & 3000 Structured Shot Challenge ALL FOR ONLY $24.99. This program will be challenging for anyone that plays hockey. 

Sounds too good to be true? IT'S NOT. No hidden fees, no annual fees. Buy This Program, Have it for Life! 



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Whether you are in your first few years of competitive hockey or a Major Junior athlete, you will be challenged and this program will make you better. 


Access on your phone! All drills can be completed in a driveway, basement, garage etc. Trainings can be completed in any weather condition, any time of day, year round. 


Minimal equipment required. Players will need 12 pucks total and a stickhandling ball or puck. This is an excellent program to do before a game, practice, try out and during off season. Players can easily train and follow this program on their own without supervision.

Passion To Improve

Growing up in Michigan, hockey was sun up to sun down for me as a child. Training programs weren't available at this time. As a player, I was very serious about getting better and spent countless hours in the driveway working on my skills. There was no structure, and I know a structured program would have improved my skills much faster. This program was designed for all of the youth hockey players around the world and my son Dylan. "The price you pay to make your dreams come true is much smaller than the price you will pay if you don't." The price I am referring to is your time. Spend the time training, and you will see results.....period. If you are serious about improving your game, and want to have fun at the same time, this program is for you! - Rich Mihelic

You'll Get:

Professional Stickhandling Program Features:

1 unique individual online account with access to all drills and plans

✅ 11 printable detailed lesson plans totaling 55 stickhandling drills

✅ 55 video demos of all stickhanding drills 

✅ 7 Bonus Trick Challenges

101 Strength & Conditioning Program Features: 

1 printable PDF with all strength and conditioning drills. Players can create their own workout without doing the same workout twice!

✅ 20 Agility Ladder Drills

✅ 20 Hurdle Speed Drills

✅ 61 Bodyweight Strength Drills

✅ 101 video demos of all exercises

Please note: Agility Ladder & Mini Hurdles are required. Easily purchase online or at a local sports store. 

3,000 Shot Challenge Features:

✅ 10 minute shooting mechanics video

✅ 3000 Structured Shots Training PDF. Program consists of 100 shots per training day and takes 30 days to complete.

✅ 3000 Shot Challenge Tracker

"Rich Mihelic really knows how to develop the skills of a hockey player. He had a great impact on many of our players in Wilkes-Barre. Players who are now in the NHL."

Assistant General Manager, Pittsburgh Penguins

""Rich Mihelic was a huge asset for the Penguins organization. His ability to relate to all levels of players and parents is what differentiates him from other instructors. Rich worked tirelessly with our NHL prospects, elite youth players and beginners in the learn to play hockey program. As a hockey parent and a hockey professional I strongly recommend engaging with Rich and his services" - Jeff Barrett"

Jeff Barrett
CEO Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins

""I was able to get to know Rich Mihelic during my time with the Penguins through his coaching of my kids. I quickly came to realize that Rich was highly qualified and had a great understanding of the game. Being a coaching in the AHL at the time I enjoyed sharing thoughts with him particularly on the development of defensemen. I still use to this day some of his ideas. Great coach, great person" -Alain Nasreddine"

Alain Nasreddine
NHL New Jersey Devils Assistant Coach

""Back when my son, Carson was just starting out skating and learning the game, we were lucky to have Rich in PA to take him out on the ice and teach him about hockey that formed his base that he uses today. Carson is now 9 and playing high level Squirt hockey in Cleveland. Rich was very professional with the kids as their coach but more importantly to me, made it fun for them!" - Ryan Craig"

Ryan Craig
NHL Vegas Golden Knights Assistant Coach

""I had the opportunity to coach alongside Rich and be coached by Rich. In both cases it was easy to see his love for the game and dedication to making his players better. His practices were always high intensity and with a purpose, every time we stepped on the ice with Rich we improved. He has a great mind for the game and is excellent at relaying that to his players. He made the game fun while pushing us to our limits." - Brad Thiessen"

Brad Thiessen
Professional Goalie

""I highly recommend Rich Mihelic. I had the opportunity to work closely with Rich. He is an excellent coach. He has great passion, work ethic and knowledge of the game but most importantly how to teach and develop skills for players of all ages. I have seen Rich work with our professional players and prospects. He can adapt to any age group and relate to the players. If you want to learn, get better and have fun Rich Mihelic is the type of coach and person that will provide that environment and structure." - John Hynes"

John Hynes
NHL New Jersey Devils Head Coach




Stickhandling Program

Strength & Conditioning Program

3000 Shot Challenge


Special Team Rate

If you are interested in group pricing for teams, set up a time to discuss with Coach Rich.

Schedule an online 15-minute consultation with Rich to get an inside look on what the course is all about. 


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