The Mental Grit Method uses proven mindset and energy practices to give your game an edge.


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Train Your Brain

Begin applying research-driven methods that are known to reduce stress, decrease anxiety and even alleviate physical pain.

Charge Your Core

Strengthen your core energy and find yourself shaving off seconds, racking up more weight and feeling more confident.

Build Your Goals

Use competitive strategies to conquer your biggest goals and out perform opponents while increasing your odds of victory.

The Mental Grit Method

Suicide and shot drills can only get you so far.
Have you ever thought of what drives your body?

It's your mind and energy... and giving these two critical components a work out is just as important as physical training. The Mental Grit method allows you to easily and quickly integrate mindset and energy practices into your existing hockey regimen.

Module 1: Master Your Mind

Learn how to manage the fears and beliefs that are holding you back from playing your best.

This module features the trainings:

  1. The Mental Grit Athlete
  2. Meet the Observer
  3. F.E.A.R.
  4. Your Inner Playbook

BONUS: Game Time Tapping Technique

Module 2: Activate Your Energy

Adopt the most efficient energy practices into your daily regimen and experience how to play an intuitive, confident game. 

  1. Core Confidence
  2. Being an Intuitive Player
  3. Your Energetic Edge
  4. Getting Gritty

BONUS: Breathing & Yoga Exercises

Module 3: Achieve Your Vision

Adopt your authentic leadership style and learn the number one tool that every champion uses.

This module features the trainings:

  1. Competitive Strategy
  2. Visualizing Victory
  3. Set the SMARTEST Goals
  4. MVPs

BONUS: Body Scan Meditation 

BONUS: Future Self Visualization

The Mental Grit Method in Action

When your mind, body and energy are united as one force, your potential is unlimited. You'll feel mental clarity, all-day energy and motivated by the vision you create for yourself, your game and your team.

"Your reality begins in your mind. Your success is fueled by your energy. And if you want a successful reality, you must strengthen both your mind and energy. The Mental Grit course not only gives players tools that will improve their game, but their well-being as a person. The content taught in this program can be applied over the course of a lifetime. It creates leaders and achievers. I'd strongly recommend it to anyone who wants more out of themselves and those around them."

Bill Popp
Senior Vice President & GM North America, Dell/EMC


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Once you introduce these techniques into your game, your hockey performance and experience will be forever changed. Finally begin playing the game you are capable of.


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