Ultimate Shooting Package Deal. Two shooting programs for only $19.99!

"I cannot thank Rich enough. Rich took me under his wing and developed skills I wasn't good at during my time in the ECHL and AHL. Rich used his free time to work with me to develop as a player. I appreciate all Rich has done for me and he really helped me make my way to the NHL." Tom Kuhnhackl 2017 & 2018 Stanley Cup Champion

Shoot Like a Pro - Stickhandling / Shooting Program (Orig. $49.99)

  • 7 detailed instruction plans via PDF and video example of all drills. 
  • 35 professional stickhandling / shooting drills
  • 50 structured shots (wrist shots, snap shots, etc designed  for you to develop in this training)
  • Expert advice on shooting mechanics

Top Shot Shooting Program (Orig. $19.99)

  • Only equipment needed: pucks and net.
  • 50 Professional Shooting Drills.
  • Over 60+ minutes of instructional content.
  • Video examples and structured PDF lesson plans.
  • BONUS 101 Strength & Conditioning Program. Featuring 20 hurdle drills, 20 agility ladder drills and 61 body weight strength exercises. Improve your off-ice strength data base! 

Top Shot Program

Top Shot is currently used by players youth to professional.


Improve your shot today.


Shoot Like a Pro Program

Professional instruction by Coach Rich Mihelic




Whether you are in your first few years of competitive hockey or a Major Junior athlete, you will be challenged and this program will make you better. 


Access on your computer, phone, tablet & via mobile app! All drills can be completed in a driveway, basement, garage etc. Trainings can be completed in any weather condition, any time of day, year round. Programs are accessible via mobile application. Download Kajabi in the App Store!


Minimal equipment required. Players will need 12 pucks total and a stickhandling ball or puck. This is an excellent program to do before a game, practice, try out and during off season. Players can easily train and follow this program on their own without supervision.

Hockey Coach Exclusive Offer

ONLY $19.99

Shoot Like a Pro + Top Shot

The complete package for Hockey At Home shooting drills. Good for life!


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