NHL Minnesota Wild General Manager, Bill Guerin

"Rich Mihelic really knows how to develop the skills of a hockey player. He had a great impact on many of our players in Wilkes-Barre. Players who are now in the NHL."

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Coaches Only Program

This program is loaded with content for a minimal price. This program consists of knowledge that has taken me countless years to learn.  This program consists of a PDF Drill & Playbook. As a coach, I have worked with some of the top coaches in the world, and have learned endless skills from them including individual player development, team concepts and more. Within the same year, I was the lead coach on-ice for the Penguins rookies, ran learn to play, travel 8U-18U, Division I preparatory hockey & even adult learn to play. I know this coaching program offers something to every coach. This program will be an excellent addition to your playbook & drill collection.

Exclusive elite player / coach interviews.


Mike Johnston 29 min
Former NHL Head Coach, Current Head Coach of the Portland Winterhawks

Kris Draper 48 min
4x Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings

David Moss 19 min
500+ NHL games - 0 games played at the AAA level

Patrick McGrath 62 min
Fighting to the top. Life of a professional enforcer

Sahil Panwar 45 min
Life in the OHL current London Knight

Craig Skudalski 78 min
Pro defense - 0 years of playing defense in youth & juniorr

Teddy Richards 40 min
NHL Florida Panthers Head Equipment Manager


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Master Coach Play Book - featuring 50+ system concepts

Hockey Coach Online features over 50 training systems listed below. Coaches will not have access to the entire program at once. Content will be dripped to assure coaches are reading the content thoroughly and understanding complex strategy. All instruction is through printable PDF. Please note: there is no video instruction within this program. All instruction is via PDF in book format. Upon completion of the program, coaches will have an entire printable playbook.

Defensive Zone 
- 1-2-3 Man Concept

- Off Won Face off
- Short Support
- Long Support
- Reverse
- Reverse D-D or D-W
- Fast Break
- Safety Pass

Neutral Zone 
- Attack vs soft defense puck in the middle lane.
- Wing Defense Exchange
- Won Face off
- Defensive side of the red line
- Offensive side of the red line

Offensive Zone 
- Attack triangle
- Attack options
- Triangles
- Below the goal line
- Strategy for using our points
- High Cycling
- Corner play leading into a cycle
- Switched wings play
- Pick play
- Double board
- Playing defense 1 on 2
- 2 on 2 tight gap
- 1-3-1 lock formation

- 1-3-1 Lock Formation
- Dump ins
- Wrap & jam
- Basic 1-2-2
- Basic 2-1-2
- 2-2-1
- Neutral Zone 1-2-2
- Neutal Zone 2-2-1

Power Play
- Double support breakout
- Stretch breakout
- Entering the zone
- Control unit
- Shooting unit
- Box + 1
- Faceoff 5 vs 4 Play 1
- Faceoff 5 vs 4 Play 2
- Faceoff 5 vs 3 Play 3
- 4 vs 4 / 3 vs 3

Penalty Kill 
- 5 vs 4 pressure rotation version 1
- 5 vs 4 pressure rotation version 2
- 5 vs 4 pressure rotation version 3
- 5 vs 3

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Master Coach Drill Book - featuring 70+ drills

Hockey Coach Online features 60 professional drills. These drills can be used from the elite youth level to professional level. If you are looking for new drills to keep things challenging with your players, look no further, this program is for you! As a coach, I am always looking for new content to challenge my players. Players love completing new drills, and these drills are tested and proven to be a player favorite. Coaches will receive PDF downloadable lesson plans. Upon completion of the drills, coaches will be able to print an entire drill book. These drills include passing, shooting, 1 vs 1, 2 vs 1, breakout drills, small area games and so much more! You will be sure to be a player favorite with this kit in your arsenal.

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